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ECI’s Lands Group is poised to provide streamlined right-of-way planning and acquisition services for both large and small utility projects. With internal services including substation design, transmission, distribution, electric system planning, environmental services and a construction subsidiary together with our Lands Group.  ECI believes this integrated approach provides our clients an optimal value in utility consulting services.

Services provided by ECI’s Lands Group include initial ownership investigation, title research and appraisal work in addition to the deployment of on-site negotiation representatives. ECI Lands Group believes that an honest and open personal relationship with each land owner is essential for negotiation success. ECI has been, and continues to be, at the forefront in the preparation of rights-of-way cost analysis for line routes, identification of pertinent permitting requirements, political landowner issues, and route recommendations having fewer anticipated landowner issues or political conflicts. ECI Lands Group can manage intricate and complex right-of-way projects providing due diligence services, review of existing ownership records and curative work as required to serve our client’s needs. ECI will prepare all documentation necessary to review land ownership issues, present offers and execute the agreements necessary to assure a timely and successful project.

Let ECI Lands Group demonstrate our unparalleled dedication to excellence by providing right of way services for your next utility siting project.