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ECI’s Survey Department was established in 1996 and is comprised of professional licensed surveyors with a wide range of field experience in all types of surveying.

ECI’s Survey personnel are an integral part of our whole-team approach in providing a seamless transition to the design, permitting and construction phases of a project. ECI utilizes state-of-the-art equipment including survey and mapping grade GPS systems and Total Station Systems. Surveys are performed utilizing either conventional ground methods or the use of aerial photogrammetric methods. Cum- ulative experience of our Survey Department in ground control for fixed-wing and newer LiDAR surveys encompasses in excess of 5,000 miles.

ECI’s Survey staff experience includes over 3,000 miles of telecommunication lines, 300 telecommunications sites and 10,000 miles of electric T & D facilities throughout the U.S. Our Survey Department provides right-of-way services, design, and construction surveying for power lines through 500 kV. Our integrated engineering, construction surveying and lands capabilities provide a single knowledgable source having an enviable record of project completion on time and budget.





Proposed substation pad
generated in AutoCAD
Land Desktop

Transmission route over a
Digital Elevation Model generated
in Global Mapper