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ECI maintains a philosophy to provide a system and associated integration which corresponds to the uti;ity’s requirements and budget. Our experienced staff can provide the guidance and direction for the development of new SCADA systems, as well as migration of existing systems to new platforms. Drawing upon ECI’s varied experience with SCADA systems and vendors, an optimum system can be developed to meet a utility’s performance specifications and cost containment objectives.

ECI has a wide background in all common types of communication system application such as tone, power line carrier, microwave, satellite, radio and fiber optics utilizing new technologies such as Automatic Meter Reading (AMR), Trouble Call Analysis (TCA) and Distribution Automation (DA). ECI’s staff can provide the design of communication sites such as regeneration, cellular, microwave or satellite. Our firm has completed over 300 regeneration and amplifier site development projects in the last 15 years. ECI’s experience in outside plant design includes a variety of underground cable projects as well as ADSS and OPGW overhead systems. ECI has installed several thousand miles of fiber optic cable systems for various private telecommunication firms with responsibilities ranging from routing to construction management.

ECI is dedicated in continuing to implement leading edge concepts in all facets of power, SCADA and telecommunications engineering.