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Unexpected and costly outages and downtime impact the ability to achieve safe and reliable levels of operation. Preventative maintenance to identify and eliminate potential trouble areas in systems ensures optimum system availability and service levels. ECI’s Testing Services Group provides testing and commissioning services to a wide variety of electric utilities, including municipal, cooperative and investor-owned, as well as independant power producers.

ECI Testing Services is managed by engineers and technicians having the experience with electrical apparatus needed to meet expected levels of quality assurance. Our technicians utilize the most modern test equipment available to ensure accurate and repeatable operation. Services include troubleshooting of equipment and resolving operational problems, infra-red thermography, and testing to NETA, ANSI, IEEE and NEMA standards.


In-house Testing provides seamless integration with Design & Construction

Over $400,000 in test equipment

Doble Client Company

OEM Rep services available